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Font เท่ ๆ ไทย: 10 Unique Thai Fonts to Elevate Your Designs

When it comes to designing any material in Thai, the choice of fonts matters a lot. Fonts can make or break a design as they set the tone, mood, and personality of any visual composition. As we delve into unique Thai fonts, known for their aesthetic appeal, we’ll explore how these fonts can elevate any design and present creators with an incredible opportunity to enhance their work.

1. Kanit

Kanit is a contemporary sans-serif font with a thin and minimalist design. It brings a sophisticated and modern yet friendly vibe to any work. This font is perfect for any design that requires clarity and simplicity. It’s a perfect fit for headings, subheadings, and body text.

2. Mitr

Mitr is a delicate, square-shaped font that can brighten any visual without making it too bold. The font’s rounded edges give it an elegant and relaxed feel, which makes it ideal for branding materials and visual products targeting the younger generation. Mitr can also work as a subheading, while robust fonts can play the primary role in the design.

3. Prompt

This font is a remodelled version of the classic Helvetica font, designed for the Thai language. Prompt is a readable, sans-serif font that’s perfect for short paragraphs or texts. Its neutral design allows it to work well as body text or in presentation slides, giving a sleek effect. Prompt is also suitable for titles and subtitles, particularly when combined with heavier fonts.

4. Chakra Petch

Chakra Petch brings a unique, hand-lettered feel to any design that needs to stand out. This font is playful, decorative, and brings a distinct vintage vibe to any artwork. It works seamlessly for logos, branding, invitations, social media posts, or decorative elements in graphic work.

5. Srisakdi

Srisakdi is a distinctive, bold, and beautiful font that’s the perfect fit for headlines or product names. This font adds volume, drama, and impact to the design. The font enhances any message, making it more targeted, powerful, and intentional.

6. Athiti

Athiti is a thin and delicate font with a modern design. It brings a minimalistic feel to any composition, delivering a sense of sophistication while making the text stand out. Athiti is ideal for headings, subheadings, and body texts. This font can also be used as a subtitle to complement stylized headings.


BBDISPLAY is an all-caps font with a blocky design that’s perfect for making a strong statement. This font brings distinct energy, boldness, and personality to any visual. It has sharp corners, square edges that make it a great fit for titles or labels. This font can also work as an attention-grabbing subtitle, complementing a vibrant header font.

8. Jaldi

Jaldi is a contemporary, sans-serif font that brings a modern and refined essence to any design. Jaldi has a sleek aesthetic and is ideal for body text or short paragraphs in digital products, brochures, and presentation slides. This font is well suited for minimalist designs, bringing forward the simplicity and elegance of any product or message.

9. TH Kodchasal

TH Kodchasal is a script font that gives a playful, handwritten outlook to any design. The font is cursive and flows with the handwriting pattern, making it a perfect fit for invitations, logos, and branding products. TH Kodchasal creates an exciting, emotive, and engaging look, bringing an effortless human touch to any visual communication.

10. TH Mali

TH Mali is a condensed and refined font. It brings a distinguished and professional look to any document, product or packaging. This font is elegant and stylish, making it perfect for titles or branding material. TH Mali’s condensed visual impact makes it ideal for limited text structures, which need to create an impact.


The beauty of these unique Thai fonts is represented by their design, mood, and personality. These fonts bring the perfect balance of aesthetics and language of expression to any design or visual work. Designers must understand the importance of selecting the right fonts in creating an effective visual impact. The right font can make all the difference, by giving a unique and memorable quality to the message delivered. These fonts are a representation of the art of typography, and they bring forward the incredible innovations of designers worldwide. Give your design that added elegance or boldness with the selection of the right fonts.


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