หมอ หลวง ep 8 watchlakorn: ตอนนี้เปิดตัวแล้วใน Watchlakorn

หมอ หลวง Ep 8 Watchlakorn: The Newest Addition to Thai Entertaining Streaming Service

Watchlakorn, the popular streaming service provider of Thai television dramas and movies, recently launched its newest offering “หมอ หลวง” (Mor Luang) or “Doctor Luang” with its 8th episode now available to watch. Released on July 26, 2021, the series has been an instant hit receiving positive reviews from viewers across the globe.

But what makes this series unique from other Thai dramas? Let’s dive deeper into what “หมอ หลวง” is all about.

The Storyline

Set in the Northern part of Thailand, “หมอ หลวง” follows the story of Dr. Luang (played by Bhuwakul Worasit), a talented and experienced physician who practices alternative medicine inspired by traditional Thai beliefs and culture. He is a man of few words, but his actions and healing ability speak volumes.

Dr. Luang’s abilities catch the attention of Dr. Ying (played by Vill Wannarot Sonthichai), a Western-trained medical doctor who is new in the area. She is skeptical of Dr. Luang’s methods and beliefs but begins to admire his capabilities after witnessing his unconventional techniques.

As their paths cross, they are drawn into a world of mystery and intrigue as they discover the truth behind the unexplainable phenomena surrounding the town. Together, they attempt to solve the enigma of an ancient curse that threatens to destroy everything and everyone.

The Characters

Dr. Luang may not speak much, but his calm and composed demeanor enables him to communicate well with his patients. He is portrayed as a man with a deep sense of empathy and a never-ending drive to help his patients.

Dr. Ying, on the other hand, is the opposite. She is straightforward, confident and a believer of modern medicine. Her strong personality adds to the tension between her and Dr. Luang, creating a thrilling dynamic that makes the story even more gripping.

The other cast members, which include the locals of the village, add authenticity to the story, giving viewers a glimpse into the culture and beliefs of the Northern Thai people.

The Setting

The series is set in the beautiful and serene surroundings of Northern Thailand, giving viewers a taste of the rich culture and traditions of the area. The production team has taken great care in showcasing the natural beauty of the region, from quaint little villages to the mountains and forests that surround them. The scenic locales add to the overall charm of the series, making it a visual treat for viewers.

The Cultural Significance

“หมอ หลวง” is not just a drama series, it also highlights the importance of alternative medicine in the Thai culture. Traditional Thai medicine is deeply rooted in the country’s history and beliefs, and this series aims to shed light on the ancient practices that have been handed down from one generation to the next. Viewers are given insight into the importance of treating a person holistically—mind, body, and soul– to achieve true healing.

In Conclusion

“หมอ หลวง” is a compelling drama series that combines beautiful scenery, strong performances, and a story that is both intriguing and meaningful. It is definitely worth watching for those who enjoy dramas that are thought-provoking and culturally significant.

Watchlakorn has once again brought something fresh and exciting to its platform, proving that Thai dramas and movies are just as entertaining and engaging as Hollywood productions. With “หมอ หลวง” as its latest addition, Watchlakorn continues to be a frontrunner in providing quality Thai entertainment to audiences across the world.


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