นวนิยายล้วนรัก ร้าย ep.10 Watchlakorn

นวนิยายล้วนรัก ร้าย ep.10 Watchlakorn in Thai

“นวนิยายล้วนรัก ร้าย” or “Nuay Niyai Law Rak Rai” is a popular Thai drama series. The genre of this series is romance with elements of drama and action. This series has a total of 12 episodes in which each episode is approximately 50–60 minutes long.

In this article, we’re going to review the 10th episode of the series which was broadcasted on August 16th, 2021. This episode was directed by Nok Chotika and produced by GMMTV.


In episode 10, the story took a dramatic turn when Rattanapa or Rat (played by Prang Kannarun) finally revealed her true intentions to the lead character, Mike (played by Fluke Natouch). In the previous episode, Rat faked her own kidnapping and framed Mike for it. She did this to test his loyalty towards her.

In this episode, Rat tells Mike that she wants him to become a part of her gang and work with her. She also reveals that she knows about his relationship with Kanya (played by Namwhan Phulita) and threatens to harm her if Mike doesn’t agree to her proposition.

Meanwhile, Kanya and her friend, Ying Yai (played by Bow Thongkham) continue to investigate the kidnapping case. They suspect that Rat may be behind the kidnapping and try to gather evidence to prove her guilt.

As the story progresses, Mike is torn between his love for Kanya and his loyalty towards Rat. He hopes to find a way out of this complicated situation without hurting anyone.


The 10th episode of “นวนิยายล้วนรัก ร้าย” is full of suspense and drama. The plot is well written and keeps the audience engaged throughout the episode. The acting performances of the cast are also commendable. Prang Kannarun, who plays the character of Rat, delivers a powerful performance as the manipulative and cunning gang leader. Fluke Natouch, who plays the character of Mike, portrays the conflicting emotions of his character with finesse.

The chemistry between the lead couple, Mike and Kanya, is also impressive. Their love story is the central theme of the series and it is shown beautifully in this episode as well. Even though Mike is forced to work with Rat, his love for Kanya remains unchanged. This creates a lot of tension and drama in the series.

The episode also highlights the importance of friendship. Kanya’s friend, Ying Yai, helps her in investigating the kidnapping case and provides her with emotional support. This reflects the significance of having good friends in life.


Overall, the 10th episode of “นวนิยายล้วนรัก ร้าย” is a must-watch for fans of the series. It is a well-crafted episode with a gripping plot and great performances by the cast. The series as a whole is a reflection of the changing trends in Thai dramas. It explores a variety of themes such as romance, action, and drama while also maintaining a sense of realism.

If you haven’t watched the series yet, we highly recommend that you do. “นวนิยายล้วนรัก ร้าย” is a great example of the quality of Thai dramas and the impact that they have on the global audience. So, grab some popcorn, find a comfortable spot, and get ready for some intense drama and romance.


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